Ligabue On Shore


Management of catering and hospitality service in off-shore platforms, on-shore work camps and construction sites, even in remote locations

Strengths of the On Shore

•  Long experience and extensive co-operation with major Italian oil groups (e.g. ENI, Saipem)
•  Own subsidiaries in the main working areas
•  Highly-specialised and international personnel
•  Staff training for hygiene and service quality
•  ISO certification and Total Quality Certification
•  Great flexibility in adapting to even the most extreme conditions
•  Capacity to manage full service contracts with strong technical partners network

Facts & figures
50 work camps and constructions sites
4.250 employers

Figures updated to June 2011

Full services formula
•  Restaurants, self-service restaurants and bars
•  Housekeeping
•  Laundry and ironing services
•  Utilities (shopping centres, leisure activities, etc.)
•  Technical and sanitary assistance
•  Security
•  Cleaning and hygiene service
•  Waste disposal

Sustainability and "local content"
Ligabue works in difficult conditions in remote areas. In many cases the company adopts a policy of ‘local content’, i.e. using local human resources and products in order to
contribute to the development of the host country’s economy.

Turnkey Service
In collaboration with its strategic partners, Ligabue can provide turnkey packages: i.e. everything from the construction of the work camp to its complete management (catering services, shops, utilities, cleaning service, maintenance, transport, gardening, etc).

Ligabue On Shore operates in:
Algeria, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Angola and Congo