Code of Ethics

Ligabue is an industrial group with international presence, aware that it plays a key role in relation to the market, to economic development and to the wellbeing of those who work for or collaborate with Ligabue and of the communities in which it is present. The complex nature of the situations in which Ligabue operates, the challenges of sustainable development and the need to take into account the interests of all stakeholders in relation to company business, make it even more important to clearly define the values and responsibilities that Ligabue acknowledges, accepts, shares and adopts, contributing to build a better future for all.

This is why Ligabue has drafted a new Code of Ethics, compliance with which by Ligabue directors, auditors, management and employees, as well as all those working in Italy and abroad to attain Ligabue’s goals, each within their own functions and responsibilities, is of fundamental importance - also pursuant to and for the purposes of the law and rules of contract governing relations with Ligabue - for the efficiency, reliability and reputation of Ligabue, factors that play a decisive role in the company’s success and in improving the social context in which Ligabue operates. Ligabue undertakes to promote awareness of the Code by its own People and other Stakeholders and their constructive contribution to its principles and contents.

Ligabue undertakes to take into consideration any suggestions and remarks from Stakeholders, aimed at upholding or integrating the Code. Ligabue carefully monitors observance of the Code, providing suitable instruments and procedures for information, prevention and control and ensuring the transparency of the operations and conducts implemented, taking corrective action if required. The Code is brought to the attention of all those with whom Ligabue has relations.