Ligabue & Culture: a long-standing partnership

Ligabue has always attributed great value to culture, in all its nuances. Giancarlo Ligabue, father of the current Presidente and C.E.O. Inti, person of great commitment, curiosity and culture, is the entrepreneur who first developed the Group’s business with a strategic management vision that is both global and noble, with attention for the environment in which it operates and for people, and with respect for history and traditions aimed at harmonious and constructive integration. Those were the 1970s; today many things may have changed, but not the commitment that drives the company.

“Gain knowledge and share it” is the formula that boosts the commitment undertaken in these past decades: in 2000 the Ligabue Study Centre received the Unesco award in Paris for popularising science: 70 documentaries produced, more than forty edited volumes and publishing of the biannual Ligabue Magazine, as well as scienti c and cultural contacts and exchanges (and lending of valuable objects) with around ten Italian museums.

The transition from Study Centre to Foundation took place in a series of conventions, events, meetings and debates: in Rovereto on 2016 during the Festival of the Archaeological Cinema and before this in the Florence archaeological museum, which hosted (September 2015- March 2016) the exhibition “The World that Wasn’t There” with Pre-Columbian works of art from the Ligabue collection. The exhibition was organized by the Ligabue Study and Research Centre and by Ligabue SpA, with the Superintendency of Florence.

The cultural commitment of the Ligabue Foundation is now being strengthened, continuing collaboration with Venice University and with prestigious cultural centres in the city. The Veneto Institute of Science, Literature and Art is currently hosting the exhibition “Before the Alphabet” (20 January – 25 April 2017), organized by the Giancarlo Ligabue Foundation and exhibiting for the  rst time hundreds of  nds from the Ancient Near East belonging to the Ligabue collection: tablets, seals, works of art dating back to the IV-III century until the  rst centuries BC: a collection on cuneiform writing systems before the use of the alphabet.

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The pleasures of reading about the world and Man in almost seventy issues

“The magazine for people who travel the world”. This is the motto that, since 1982, has accompanied each release of Ligabue Magazine, a publication directed at those who are curious about and interested in humankind and the planet that sustains us. In these years the magazine has undergone changes, with enhanced text, images and graphics, but it still retains its original spirit.

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“Ligabue, better care,
better living”