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People welfare

Better care, better living

Ligabue Group is present all over the world, operating even in extreme situations. Where the roads end, our work begins. We want to improve the quality of life for those living and working far from home: that is precisely why we pay special attention to the people who make up and surround our business.


The Ligabue Group knows how a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle help improve people’s health and work performance.  Our Health Program project sees ongoing collaboration with leading international institutes to create balanced diets for those who live and work far from home. We do this by enhancing not only the local traditions of the places where we operate but also by formulating menus that ensure the highest quality to the different cultures and religions of those who work on board. 


In order to offer the best service, we ensure that our employees receive in-depth and targeted training, enabling them to grow with efficiency and competence. In this way, professionals working with Ligabue Group provide their best skills in constant evolution to ensure maximum quality.
  • Training opportunities with the Ligabue Center of Excellence 
  • Complete training
  • Professional growth through team building


We care about local communities and sustainability.  For this reason, our worldwide network of suppliers guarantees products from the areas where we operate. Ligabue Group’s supply includes fruits and vegetables according to the seasonality of the regions in which we operate, and zero kilometers allow us to support the local economy along with quality.

  • Purchase of locally sourced products
  • Respect for seasonality in supplying
  • Support for the local economy