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Quality assurance

Ligabue Group and the quality 

Quality has been one of the essential elements that have guided the Ligabue Group locally and internationally to offer excellent products and services also in compliance with international criteria on the quality of the environment, hygiene health, and safety.
The focus on quality in both products and services has always led us to work to constantly improve standards through various actions:
  • Top Management Commitment
  • Strategic planning
  • Research to process and product development
  • Continuous monitoring of processes
  • Process audits to implement improvements both in product quality but also in the way we work
  • Ongoing cross-cutting training on quality environment health safety and food safety
  • Involvement of staff and stakeholders in process improvement
The combination of these processes prompted us to adopt international standards for the management of an integrated system that has expanded over the years. The certifications currently held are:
  • Certification of the Quality Management System (UNI EN ISO 9001) in the application of which key processes and how they can be measured have been defined
  • Strategic Certification of the environmental management system (ISO 14001) with which Eco -friendly processes have been implemented and oriented towards respecting the environment and designing increasingly sustainable services and pollution reduction
  • Food safety system certification (ISO 22000) with which processes have been better defined to ensure the entire supply chain not only what is required by local and international regulations but also controls and monitoring to guarantee the quality of the products offered
  • Occupational Health and Safety System Certification (UNI EN ISO 45001) with which a system has been defined to continuously involve the staff of the various sites to ensure the safety of healthy working environments to protect workers
  • Maritime Labor Management certification in conformity with the Maritime Labor Convention 2006 (MLC 2006) of the IMO (International Maritime Organization) to guarantee and protect the respect of the rights of the embarked personnel not only in Italy but especially at foreign sites