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The Ligabue Group’s goal is to improve the quality of the lives of people traveling, working, and living far from home.

“Know and make known” is the way in which Ligabue sees the world: with respect and interest in different roots and cultures. This is a constant and daily commitment that we have always carried on, thanks also to the passion passed down from Giancarlo to Inti Ligabue. 

Hence, the Ligabue Study and Research Centre, founded in 1971 by palaeontologist Giancarlo Ligabue moved by his love for exploration and discovery. Anthropological, paleontological, and archaeological missions organized by the Ligabue Study and Research Centre around the world to enhance human beings in all their evolutions, cultures, and diversity.

Given the priceless cultural legacy left by Giancarlo and inspired by his great passion, in 2016 his son Inti Ligabue created the Giancarlo Ligabue Foundation in continuity with the objectives and values of the Ligabue Study and Research Centre.

The Giancarlo Ligabue Foundation continues in the footsteps of the Research Center and expands its horizons through a renewed organizational system and the creation of new cultural initiatives.  With a deep social, cultural, and research purpose, the Giancarlo Ligabue Foundation strives to spread the precious good of multiculturalism.

Improving the lives of people today by truly knowing their history.

Promotion of business development, cultural promotion, value to research, conferences, publications, and philanthropic donations-these are just some of the activities set up over the years to emphasize the knowledge so beloved by Giancarlo Ligabue. From Venice to all over the world, a story that adds a new motto to this intellectual adventure: “Know and make known.”